Katikati Stumpgrinding


Orchard stumpgrinding & landscaping for farmers & growers in Katikati & surrounding areas. Our team has helped growers and orchardists thin out their avo blocks to let more light in and to help increase production, or get their orchard ready for conversion. Also, avo trees that had died from phytophthora have been stump-ground deep enough to allow for a new, stronger variety to be replanted back in the exact same place.

Katikati Stumpgrinding can grind away internal or external shelter stump rows to allow artificial shelter cloth to be erected or to help make more land available to increase crop canopy.

With our other machine we can spread mulch around using a directional spreader, remove green waste with a bucket and grab or trench those wet areas up to a depth of 1200mm, plus trenching for irrigation and auger drilling for replanting.