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Be found!

Do I really need a website? This is the question that many busy tradies ask themselves. Nowadays, there are three very good reasons why every tradie needs a website…

Firstly, the internet is where most people go nowadays to find a phone number. If someone goes to Google looking for your number and can’t find it, there’s a chance they’ll pick one of your competitors instead.

Second, having a website provides people with a chance to send you a message rather than calling you. There’s nothing worse than having to down tools every five minutes to answer the phone. Using email or a contact form on your site means that you can reply to people when you want to.

Lastly, your website can be used to give information to people so they don’t need to call you. Maybe they need a quote. Maybe they want to ask whether you do a certain type of work. Having good info on your website saves you time and makes you look good.

Promote yourself a little

You can go on to talk a little about this particular job, or this particular client, sell yourself a little! It’s not about showing off, it’s about people why they should choose you rather than the next business they click on to…

One of the best ways to show potential clients what you’re made of is to show yourself in action providing great service. A post like this, including a cool picture, goes a long way to showing who you and are what you’re all about.

This is a sample news item

This is a sample news post that appears on katstump.sites4tradies.co.nz. If you’re passable at using a computer you’re clever enough to add news items like this yourself. We can even set it up so that news items can added using email!
For more information about how to get your own website up and running, visit www.site4tradies.co.nz